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hmm... gonna give this a try; see if i can stick to actually writing something down. we'll see.

so my dad's been downloading tons of stuff as he's anticipating it being made illegal (which i have heard a little bit about but do not understand, and at this point am sticking my head in the sand about...)

and as i was bored at home this christmas i thought i'd give it a go. found it pretty hammy- but watchable at first until the 3rd episode which i found time to watch last night, and i think that'll be it for me. (if it takes me 3 weeks to watch 3 episodes of something that's not a good sign...)

things that pissed me off: the 'bliss' as a drug that all the bad aliens are addicted to which is the reasoning behind their behaviour, as well as the entire subplot with the son's alien girlfriend to create tension with the female lead who's heading the resistance... well. cheezy, and not in a good way. i believe a friend of mine would define it as a 'cheap way of creating tension.'

the entire thing smells like something that's been done better before. but i guess that's actually a problem i'm having with most stuff on tv now, never even mind movies. i guess i'll stick to rewatching things that are timeless, like arnie movies and the twilight zone. better luck next time, tv. you won't be making a digital cable subscriber of me yet.



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